Monday, 28 January 2013

Crystal's Independent Learning Log

Crystal's Independent Learning Log
T1W3 28 Jan 0a.m.

Chicken Soup (Teenage Soul)

what I did
  1. Red out loud
  2.  Summerize the main idea 
What I learned
  1. One of the stories I read is"My Gift Of Life". It is about a girl who has been seriously ill since she was born. In order to live, she has to do a lot of surgeries when she was still a little kid. But she made it eventually. A donor donated a kidney to her. Therefore , she thanked god for the every second of rest of her life. After reading this true story, I felt so grateful for my healthy body. We should understand that it is so lucky for you and me to live healthily while there are so many people trying their best to fight against the disease. How can we give up when they are still trying? So, be positive to everything and our positive attitude will pay back soon:)
P.S. It is on P105.

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