Monday, 21 January 2013

River's Independent learning log

T1W2    21Jan   4:00 p.m.


Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong

Caffeine!! Bite Sci-zed

Some study that I used to know

Inside a cartoonist’s world - Liza Donnelly

What I did: these video several times
   At first I just listen and then I check the meaning with the English subtitle
2.Look up the word I cannot understand and copy it down to my vocabulary list.
3.Review my vocabulary list.
4.Read several stories in Chicken soup.
5.Memorize the Biological terms.
6.Do the “think”part in TED-ed and check my answers.

What I learned:
1.The first video is very touching because I feel people's passion about singing, about the virtual choir, I learned that we have to give our idea a shot so that it can come true. Also I feel the love among these 50people who linked by the Internet therefore I believe that Internet does not only have the bad influence.
2.I learned the knowledge about how caffeine affect us in daily life.
3.The third one is a song and it is fun and remind me to review the words I learned..

4.I learned the types of cartoon, how cartoonist get the inspiration of drawing and the steps of making a cartoon before it is published. 

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