Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Weekly Independent Learning Log

Independent Learning Log

From T1W2, everyone is to submit a weekly independent learning log online due on the following Monday at 2359.
You are to set aside 6 hours each week for independent learning to improve your reading skills and gain general knowledge. You may visit online learning sites for reading, vocabulary, and listening practice or use any print resources.

Label your entry with the week# (e.g.T1W2) and your initial (mine is RJ), and Indpendent Learning Log.

Sample of entry:

David Kang's Independent Learning Log

T1W1 8 Jan 9p.m.

Sources (Name/Title & url)
Internet Users in China Must Use Real Name

What I did
Listen and read aloud, summarized main ideas. 

What I learned
On Dec. 28, Chinese citizens are forbidden to use pseudonyms in internet services in order to create a better and safer environment.

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