Monday, 22 April 2013

Dean's ILL T1W4

What I did:

1:Read about the news about Boston marathon and the explosion in English

2:Watch the video of Obama giving the speech about the Boston marathon without the sub and watched it twice

3:Read about the news for Sichuan earthquake in English

What I learnt:

I am extremely upset this week as the world is suffering from all kinds of pains. Not only many people lost their lives, also a lot of people lost their families and homes. The scene in Boston was unbelievably sad as the broken arms and legs are all over the ground. This should have been an encouraging event, that made it more sad. Also, I am very upset because my hometown,China is suffering from an earthquake again, almost 200 people died until now. I hope I can be in China so that I can donate money and food to Sichuan to help them. I should really value what I have right now. Because no matter how I feel about myself, I am very lucky already.

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