Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dean's ILL T2W1

What i did:

1.Finish 4/5 of the book called "WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT"

2.Watched the video of "The simple story of photosynthesis and food - Amanda Ooten"


3.Watched the latest episode of SUPERNATURAL   without Chinese.


4.learned the unity of the paragraphs from the reading material given by MRS JANG.

5.Learn about verbal irony used in daily life and in movies or TV series.


What I learned.

1.Why goals are worth having,how to move step by step toward the future you want,how to make goal setting part of my everyday life.

2.The knowledge about photosynthesis and how it is useful in the natural recycle system.

3.Learned how to understand the TV series without Chinese,based on what you hear and the lip movement of the actors.

4.The method to maintain the unity of a paragraph such as repeat the main word for few times.

5.Irony and sarcasm jokes that widely used in daily life

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