Friday, 12 April 2013

Formal Letter Writing Practice --Dean

31 Boon Lay Drive
SIngapore 649934

12 April 2013

Mr Meng Fei
Editor of ALL 4 YOU
178 Nan Jing Road
Singapore 723366

Dear Mr Meng

Suggestion on Teenagers' Preference on Music 

I am a secondary student from the School of Science and Technology.On behalf of my classmates,I would like to explain to you my opinion and suggestion towards teenagers being exposed to pop music nowadays.My friends and I recently found out that many teenagers around us are entertained about pop music and I think that it is totally not suitable for them.I strongly believe that teenagers should be introduced to music that promotes good values and inculcate  positive values and lifestyle.

First and foremost , I feel that pop music is extremely harmful in a way as the songs are usually about drugs,violence and erotic issues.It brings a lot of serious problems. Besides letting teenagers remember all the bad words and information,it also affect their values in a bad way by changing their understanding of certain concepts.For example , teenagers these days might consider truancy or having a relationship in an early age as being so called "cool"  due to the content and lyrics of pop songs.Actually,this may lead to a lot of inappropriate behaviours of teenagers,even crimes.

In addition,it occupies much of teenagers’ spare time as there are too many pop stars and pop songs to care about these days.Not only will it do harm to their academic results as teenagers may get distracted,they can also easily get addicted to pop music.As a result,teenagers' life will be affected greatly and they can hardly achieve anything.Pop music can easily take control of teenagers' life.

I strongly suggest teens should try listening to music that prompts good values such as friendship,hope and family.It contributes in a way of keeping teenagers in a positive attitude towards life ,and give them the motivation to do well both in school and at home.Also,it is relaxing rather than bringing intension and excitement like what pop music does.

As the editor of the successful teen magazine,ALL 4 YOU, I still hope you could spend some spare time reading through this letter.I am really looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Chen Zi Xin(signature)
Chen Zi Xin(School of Science of Technology)

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