Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Persuasive Writing Practice (Formal Letter) --Dean

31 Boon Lay Drive
Singapore 649934

16 April 2013    
Mr Tan Wei
Teacher-In-Charge of the Post-Exam Activity
32 Loon Bay Drive
Singapore 439946

Dear Mr Tan

Proposal on the Post-Exam Activity

As the Head of Student Welfare in the Students Council, I would like to inform you that my team members have found a website of a company that specialises in carrying out student enrichment programmes.After careful consideration and planning, we would like to recommend the Overseas Values-in-Action Project and Interschool Sports Games as the post-exam activities for the Secondary 3 students.

Firstly, for the Overseas Values-in-Action Project  is worth experiencing as it lets the students start to care about others’ troubles and develops a habit of helping people.Many teenagers nowadays are selfish and self-centred in some way, they care much more about their academic results or appearance instead of life of the poor in other areas.Through this project, students of our school get to experience the misery others are going through and gain the happiness by helping other people.After truly understanding others’ pain and happiness, the students will learn how to care about other people around them and it will become a habit.

Undeniably, the three other programmes are all extremely good and meaningful, but comparing to the Overseas Values-in-Action Project, they all lack a chance to form and train character through experience as blacksmith fires and shapes iron.The students can always hold the Inter-class games in the school with teachers’ permission, the First Aid Training can be learnt from the internet or from books and as for the Jungle Rumble, I think the school can choose another place that really trains student rather than just letting them have fun.

In addition, another available choice would be the Interschool Sports Games.It can only be held with the cooperation of other schools , so it is meaningful.Not only it will inculcate a healthy spirit of competition and sportsmanship, also it will improve communication between schools and build the team work.Students even get extra exercise and a healthy body due to the event.Apart from having fun, most importantly, participants can develop confidence and trust.Therefore it is an excellent choice for the post-exam activities.

All in all, the Overseas Values-in-Action Project will teach our students caring and sharing by offering humanitarian aid support to the poor, the Interschool Sports Games will let the students experience the team work as well as have fun.No matter which one will be chosen, our students will be benefit a lot from the activities.We would appreciate it if you could spend some of your valuable time reading through this letter.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Chen Zi Xin(signature)
Chen Zi Xin

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