Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What's Your Idea of Beauty--Dean

 What is beauty?It seems like such a simple and easy question,however,nobody is able to give an accurate and correct answer.Beauty is always something relative and cannot be defined in just few words.Various people have various opinions and definitions on beauty and it is almost impossible for a certain thing to be considered beautiful by everyone in this world as there will always be differences in appreciation of beauty.To me,beauty is something that brings me joy or touches me in a way or another.Although my idea to beauty changes with my experience,age,knowledge and understanding of life,but still,the true essence of beauty never changes.

    Beauty is charm in one’s character, a kind of internal power that can affect and touch people.A girl may not be considered attractive and so called“beautiful” for her appearance but through being kind and considerate to others,she can still obtain beauty.Many people think that Katy Perry is extremely beautiful,but comparing to Mother Teresa’s generous giving and contribution to peace,her pretty face is not that important anymore.As one grow older and become more mature,he will be more aware of the beauty inside of people rather than the appearance.

    Beauty is also a picture of grand view,the vitality of the nature,the harmony of all creatures alive.People nowadays may find that the modern tall buildings and those skyscrapers in the city are amazingly beautiful,but if they ever have a chance to appreciate the beauty of mother nature,they will change their mind.The singing of the birds,the tranquillity of the clouds,the flowing of streams...they all mix up and form a peaceful and harmonious picture of beauty of the nature.

    Last but not least, beauty is simpleness.I used to think that complicated things are beautiful ,such as some works of art in the museum or some extremely complex and showy clothes .But when I grow up ,I started to notice that,like everything else,even the principle of life,the simpler,the better.Being simple can leave you more time to think about your life and other important issues,dressing simply will stop people from thinking you are frivolous,also,it maintains the original beauty of everything.Therefore,to be simple is to be beautiful. 

    In conclusion,beauty exits in every part of our daily life.It may be as rare as the most expensive and shiny diamond in some exhibition for the rich,it can also be as normal and common as a lollipop for a young child.As long as it makes you happy or manages to stop you for a while just to appreciate or gaze at it fixedly and quietly,or even just keep your heart peaceful for a few seconds,it is beauty.Life is just a process of finding new beauty around ourselves.It exits on the top of Mount Qumulangma,it exits in the lyric choir song and most importantly, it is always there in your eyes.Without the capability to find beauty,one’s life will always be in darkness and despair.

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