Thursday, 16 May 2013

Crystal's ILL

This is a speech made by Leehom Wang- my favourite male singer at The Oxford Union. He was born in America and grew up listening western pop until he was a teenager. However, now he's one of the top pop singers in China. This time his talk was about the pop culture of east and west as well as how to mix them together. He talked about his personal stories of being teased for race at young age, then how he realised the beauty of Chinese pop. He also made a simile "roommates relationships" to describe the bonds between W-POP and C-POP. As a lover of music, I strongly agree what he stated that music is the soft power that enables people to connect, to inspire and influence each other, no matter what your race is, what ur nationality is or where u live. Sometime we might not be able to appreciate the music or other traditions from a foreign culture, but we should not regard them as lame stuffs or whatever not worthy to pay attention on. To change the whole situation, we just need to change a perspective and regardless of other historical reasons and political reasons etc.
My personal experience on this topic was when I was listening to the covers of Japanese songs done by Chinese singers, I could always see some critical comments such as betraying ur country of something similar to that. That was extremely wrong as historical or political reasons should never be the obstruction for people to enjoy music globally.
Similarly, I think this concept of no limitation works in various forms of arts like literature, dance, even sports.
Hence, let's try to be open to different cultures and listen to music authentically, without bias.

P.S.: I really feel like writing a paragraph to express my feelings so I did not follow the format... Sorry.

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