Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dean's ILL T2W10

Dean’s ILL T2W10

1.finish reading two thirds of the book, “THE 39 CLUES”

2.watched the video about a famous English cook spreading his idea about how to decrease the possibility to get obese through having healthier food on TED.COM

3.Watched the video of a woman speaker talking about the danger in letting teenagers drive again, and search the information about the death situation about young people due to teenage driving.

what i learnt:

1.it gets more and more fascinating, if it is in Chinese , I swear I will be reading this during class already

2.the obesity is an extremely serious problem in America nowadays and through some simple change of the structures of the food we take in everyday, we can save ourselves as well as our children in the future

3.this speech really made me think, cause my favourite is FAST AND FURIOUS , and I want to drive very fast after 18 years old, now , it doesn’t sound like a smart idea any more, we have life only once, do treasure it .

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