Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dean's ILL T2W8

Dean’s ILL T2W8

what i did:

1.finish reading the book “CATCHING FIRE,THE HUNGER GAMES” 

2.started to read the famous magazine”NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY”  and some reviews about the articles in the magazine

3.watched the series “LIE TO ME” without the Chinese sub and tried to get to understand the content 

4.did 4 exercises for editing in the book “ENGLISH EDITING”

what i learnt:

1.different books use different kinds of English and tones, for example, the book “the adventure of Tom Sawyer” is full of slangs and informal language, on the other hand, the book”CATCHING FIRE, THE HUNGER GAMES” uses more formal and appropriate words.

2.learnt some beautiful and effective adjectives and some very good metaphor 

3.because of the main character, Cal Lightman’s British accent, I become familiar with the way British people speaking.

4.improved my editing skill

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