Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dean's ILL T2W9

Dean’s ILL T2W9

1.Watched the video “How to communicate with your pets” on TED.COM, by Sarah,Landaw. 

2.Watched some American original comics such as Captain America and The Hulk,with all the English sub and lines.

3.went to Englishexam.com to do some level 1 and level 2 exercise on vocabulary.

4.finish one third of the book borrowed from the library,”THE 39 CLUES”

what i learnt:

1.I learnt that all the animals , including pets,obviously, have their own language, a kind of signal, a kind of reflection.As long as the pet owners are able to train their pets to understand a certain content under a certain signal, they can communicate better and more efficiently with their loved pets.

2.learnt a lot of slangs and contractions

3.improve vocabulary  skills

4.very interesting book, train my English and my logical thinking at the same time

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