Monday, 13 May 2013

River's ILL T2W8

 > <!ILL time today

What I did:
-finished the grammar and listening level test at 
-Went to and chose one interesting theme(Life of Pi ).
I looked up the new words in the list(almost every single word._.) and memorised them.
I did the word puzzle and read the explanations.(Helped me in memorising)

-read one passage on National Geography.

-read one chapter of The Tale of Despereaux
-When I looked up the words in dictionary I found the synonyms and I mark them down too.

What I learned:
-All the new words and some expressions.
-(If it counts)Some synonyms for using different words in my essay> <  
1.National Geography is so thick that it seems I will not finish reading it in one month. The passages are all difficult to understand because of the new words. Moreover, they are boring for me, a student who do not like geography.
2.Remembering words are not that boring but I can only try to memorise some per day.
3.Unfortunately the Tale of Despereaux is not the type of story I like. Hence I still cannot finish reading this._. I should get some other interesting book to continue the English reading. Stories like the hitchhiker is great.
4.I forgot to write my journal again. I have to remind myself and my dear roommate Crystal^ ^

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