Thursday, 9 May 2013

River‘s Visual text analysis(1)



A big ice cream is melting on the black background. The melting scope of ice cream is in the color of earth and representing the green-house effect that causing the Earth to get increasingly warmer. The background is black with some yellow dots which looks like the universe and create the real image of earth in the universe.
Linguistic features
The poster use warming and warning on the poster. These two words are similar in spelling. Warming indicate the situation that the earth is getting warmer which will cause a series of consequences. Warning reveal that the condition now is serious and severe. People have to pay attention to the problem and take some action to change the current situation.
Textual features
On the lower part of the poster is one quote from Lonnie Thompson"The world is warming and it is foolish to pretend that it's not."This saying state the fact that the poster want to convey and criticise people who did not treat the global warmth as urgency.
Typographical features 
The big ice-cream is in the middle of the poster and the words are right beneath it. It is neat and clear to convey the message of the poster though there's only one image and one sentence.
The words are right under the image which will capture people's eyes. The pure background enable people to focus on only the big ice-cream. It is elegant to have only one image and one sentence saying.
The color of the ice cream scope let it looks more likely to be Earth. The background color makes it look like universe. The red color of warning makes it have a stronger impact on people and to warn them effectively.

Purpose: To influence people to be more serious about the global warmth and find the solutions to the problems.
A: The public
C:Showing the earth is getting hotter and call for action.
Culture: The earth is getting increasingly warmer which may cause the icecap to melt.

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