Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Crystal's visual text analysis

Crystal's visual text analysis

There are some teachers and children in the picture, with books on their hands. Their facial expressions are very relaxed and joyful.  

Linguistic features
The sentences in the poster are clear and short, so the main purpose of the poster is clearly stated. All sentences were written in a delighted tone.

This poster provides 3 ways to celebrate the Book-giving Day.  These 3 choices were arranged in three scrolls, with 2 read stars at the beginning and the back of the sentences to highlight the messages.

Lay out
The Lay out of this poster is really casual, which encourages people to share good books with other people. 

It clearly stated out the 3 ways to celebrate Book-giving Day. Besides, at the bottom of the poster, the website is provided for people to search for further information.

The poster is very colourful. Therefore people can be easily attracted.

P: To encourage people to share books with children and provide methods to celebrate the Book-giving Day.
A: The public
C: Telling people how to share a book with children
C: Reading books are very important for children to enhance their knowledge, so they need some people to introduce more books to them.

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