Monday, 3 June 2013

Dean's visual text analysis 1

IMAGE:In the picture is a poor polar bear.He is standing on a piece of thin ice that can melt any minute. The polar bear in sinking into the sea, he is dying. And the criminal who made this happening is human. They harm the environment in order to develop industries , and that caused the global warming.millions of creatures are facing danger and the threat of death because of it.

LINGUISTIC FEATURES:There aren't any words and linguistic features in the pictures. Surprisingly, it also greatly helps to show its idea directly. The audience will get the idea  even without any words and the impact is even stronger.

TYPOGRAPHICAL:The melting ice cube in the centre of the picture represents the cruelness of human and the harm they did to the environment.

LAY OUT:The polar bear is right in the centre of the picture , that makes the audience notice about the theme and the idea much faster and more quickly. 

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