Friday, 28 June 2013

River's Visual text analysis(2)


A big goblet is in the middle of the poster and elegant pattern on the background. The background make people have a high-class impression on the advertisement. The goblet reveal the main idea of the poster is about a cocktail party. 
Linguistic features
There are several words on the poster within the goblet. These words show the essential details of the cocktail party briefly. Words like "relax","music","enjoy"and "escape" indicate that the party is relaxing and enjoyable for stressful people."Jazz in the middle reveal the main theme of the party.
Textual features
The various words linked to the theme of the cocktail party briefly describe the party and attract people's attention. These words leave a space for readers to imagine about the party.
Typographical features 
The poster is clear with all the printed words mainly located within the big goblet. Time and venue are in the biggest font and locate in the middle of the poster to catch eyes.
The main information are concentrated on the middle of the poster. The elegant pattern on the background serves as a foil to the main content.
The color of the poster is claret which is the same as the wine. This color may remind people about the wine and serve the content perfectly.

The poster is an advertisement about the cocktail party for young people. It aims to attract more people to join the party, making new friends and enjoying the summer.
Audience: The cocktail party's potential customer, young people who are willing to join such a party.
Context:The venue, time and theme of the party.
Culture:Young people like to go to party to make new friends and enjoy themselves.

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