Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Crystal's visual text analysis

Image:At the centre of the picture, a man is holding an umbrella, which is made of the national flags of different countries. The umbrella protects the Earth from the damage of various weapons such as nuclear weapons and bombs. A lot of people surround the man, wearing distinct traditional costumes. They are also helping the man to hold the umbrella. A woman holds a sign of" no war please". Above the umbrella is a terrible environment while below is a peaceful environment.

Linguistic feature:
The sign of "no war, please".

The poster clearly shows the difference between above and below the umbrella.

No textual picture

Use black, yellow and red colors, which are really strong colours. This shows how terrible the situation can be without the protection of the "world" umbrella. The painter uses blue, green and white, which represent peace and friendship to display the Earth under protection.

Purpose: To ask countries to stop fighting with each other and work together to create a better place for all organisms.
Audience: Everyone around the world
Context: People with different nationalities protect the Earth from the damage of wars and weapons by working together.
Culture: Every year aroung the world, billions of people died due to the endless wars. More and more people voice out their objections towards the wars. Countries must take note of people's opinions before picking up the fight!

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