Monday, 15 July 2013

Daily Journal (2013/7/15)

Yesterday, I heard of the news that Cory Monteith, the guy who played "Finn" in "Glee" was found dead in Vancouver hotel room. He was only 31 years old! I was so sad and shocked as he seemed to just appear in the Glee TV show not long before and I was telling my mother that he was one of my favourite actors in the show. I couldn't believe it, totally! 

The police suspected that he died of overdose of drugs. By now, they are still investigating on the case and I really want to know what happened to the talented guy. I felt so sorry for his family, his friends and everyone who loved him (including myself). 

On Tweeter, a bunch of people mourned him. I wanted to type something but found myself speechless to his death. I really wished that this news wasn't true and next week we 'll still see him in "Glee". Sadly, it doesn't seem like an April Fool's joke at all.

I remembered the song "Marry Me" covered by glee club and in that music video he was once so lively and cute. How could somebody pass away so suddenly? Death is so cruel that seperates loved ones apart.

Quoted from Tweeter, "Cory didn't die, he just took the midnight train going anywhere."
So please, everyone who reads this, smile, laugh, love and cherish, because we truly never know what you got until it's gone.
RIP Cory.

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