Monday, 5 August 2013

Journal(5/8/13) It's not daily anymore... I am feeling guiltyTAT

It rained cats and dogs today. For the first time, I was woken up by the extremely loud noise made by rain. It's kind of hilarious that Singapore is so COLD(I mean it), when the mainland China is 40 degrees +.
Now I can finally watch my families suffer from hot weather. HAHA! VERY FUNNY!

Out SS PT group got full marks for our PT. Yeah! 4 of us were really delighted. Putting effort into something and subsequently getting back rewards are such joy!

CCA has been more interesting nowadays, even though every session is still very tiring and gets me sleepy all the time. We are currently working on B-Dazzled, which is a competition for show choir groups to attend. The choreography is extraordinarily tough as there are a lot of steps for me to remember and BTW, my body somehow does not coordinate well. Anyway, everything is in progress and I can see that everybody is improving each time we have rehearsals.

Besides, we may have oversea trip to USA of our CCA next year!!! I have been there before, but what I am really looking forward to is the musical elements in the trip. I heard that we would have a chance to watch the best show choir group's performance and even getting a chance to record in the studio. It sounded tremendously fun! I am feeling grateful for what I am having now.

In short, things are going pretty well--------except for the essay, first time finding something so hard to write about. Is it because the easier the topic sounds like, the more difficult to make it interesting?
= =